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Siding is a large part of your home’s exterior. It’s important to pick siding that will last and maintain its color for a long time.

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Siding is not only cosmetic - it protects your home and investment from the elements. We’ll provide you with multiple, high-quality siding options and fair pricing. We’ll get the job done as efficiently as possible, while working neatly and without ruining landscaping. As local siding experts from Kidron, Ohio, we always strive to be reasonable, honest, and hard-working.

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We recommend ProVia siding to our customers

ProVia offers a durable, energy efficient vinyl siding made here in the United States. They also offer a lifetime limited warranty, delivering great value for a reasonable price.

Honest & Fair Pricing

Rated the #1 in Recommended Siding and Siding Best Buy by Consumer Reports.

ProVia siding is more likely to retain color with Color Keeper protection , resist hail and wind damage, and last for years. And we offer free siding estimates as always.

Clean Work

We won’t make a mess of your lawn, period.

Our professional siding services are top-notch: we will work thoroughly to make sure that in the process of installing vinyl siding and accessories, everything is completed neatly and peacefully.

We Know Our Siding Products

Siding is a product that should exceed your expectations.

Consider the advantages of the siding we offer:

  • Engineered for durability through optimum stiffness and reliable stability… all while remaining lightweight
  • Enhances the beauty of your home through a steadily growing array of available colors, including darker options and period colors… all to reflect the unique personality of you and your home
  • Only periodic maintenance is required, which is limited to cleaning with mild soap and your garden hose
  • Long-lasting value begins with lower installation costs and continues throughout your siding’s lifetime by savings on painting and other long-term costs
  • Environmentally friendly, as there are no additional finishing steps (i.e., priming, caulking, etc.) required


With vinyl siding, you’ll be able to choose from an ever-increasing selection of colors that you can count on to stand the test of time and elements. We back up this commitment through our Color-Keeper Anti Fade Protection Guarantee. If you’re interested, we would be pleased to show you samples of ProVia’s entire color selection.

Thermal 3Ht Insulation

What goes under a great-looking, high-performance siding?

Equally durable, hard-working insulation, of course! At ProCon, we use only the best insulation available. That’s Thermal 3Ht All Weather Shield.

Thermal 3Ht improves energy efficiency, you can be assured you are contributing to energy conservation.

  • Lowers your utility cost by saving energy
  • Is resistant to water, mold, and insects
  • Acts as an air and vapor barrier, radiant blocker, and thermal insulation all in one product
  • Provides a thermal break and prevents bridging and drifts
  • Eliminates both “hot” and “cold” spots because it is a continuous wrap
Insulation Installed By ProCon Exteriors Ohio